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We are a creative production studio that pride ourselves on taking a slightly different approach to things – we want everyone to enjoy working with us and have fun creating something fantastic, while ensuring maximum engagement with your brand.

We don’t just stop there though, we also create our own original content as well for the sheer love of it – each one coupled with their own tutorials and exclusive behind the scenes content to give you an inside look on how we roll.

Sean Ridley

co-founder & managing director

Sean is usually found with a brew. He writes, directs, manages, performs, and drinks more tea than safely consumable…

Dave Edwards

co-founder & creative director

Dave is an editing and VFX wizard. Keen eye for detail, gamer, F1 and motorsport fan. He’s also mad about lens flares…

Billy Jameson

creative partner

Billy, known as the montage maestro, can film or edit anything. As long as he can see through his lovely long hair…


Let Us Tell Your Story

We know the best ways to connect with your audience using innovative content generation, coupling stunning visuals directly with your brand to deliver engaging campaigns that tell your story.

From video production to photography, graphics design and so much more! Our experienced team of creatives will work with you, every step of the way.


We can join at any stage of your production. From planning, filming, or just bringing it to life in the edit suite.

We specialise in making your project stand out from the rest.


A picture says a thousand words.

We are on hand to capture the moments that tell your story.


From digital campaigns and social media graphics, to print work such as flyers and brochures.

Activate your brand with us and see how far it can go.

Broadcast AV & Tech Solutions

Empower your event with broadcast audio & video solutions, with the capability to live stream it to the world.

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Original Content

Browse our original content ranging from short films to podcasts, tutorials to vlogs and much more…

See our recent original content below and consider subscribing to our two YouTube channels.

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Short Film

Red and Black

A CID unit is chosen to run a test scheme where officers are given additional powers - but the ill-fated test has consequences as another body falls.

Floodlight Digital Media

Studio Life

Creating Sound Effects with Sean’s Mouth

Sean's been known to do things on a microphone.. not quite like this though...

FDM Crew



"What's in the bag Dave..?"

Floodlight Digital Media

Unlit Podcast - E7


Sean, Dave and Matt talk about a schedule change, our upcoming content ideas, football, F1, mobile phone contracts, and Doctor Who. Oh and Dave is still Dave...

Unlit Podcast - E6

Definitely Not Sponsored

Sean, Dave and Matt are once again talking about what they've been up to, the F1 halo cockpit protection device and the first female casting for the The Doctor in Doctor Who.

Unlit Podcast - E5

The Stinging Roast

The fire is lit, and the roast is on! Sean, Dave and Matt are back after a short break to discuss what's happened, wasps, live TV broadcast mixing in chaos and the unfortunate moments when our relatives walk in at the worst part of a film...


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